Brazilians Love the Sega Genesis

Brazilians love all things Sega. As Americans prepare for the launch of the Mini NES, Brazilians are getting a re-release of the “OG” Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. I desperately want one now to place next to my Mini NES.

Even today, the Sega Genesis and its 8-bit predecessor, the Master System outsell the PS4 in Brazil. Economic challenges such as massive import taxes are the predominate reasons for this. However, since Sega is partnering up with Brazilian company Tectoy, which manufacturer the consoles locally, they are able to keep prices reasonable. Add Brazilians insatiable appetite for classic Sega games and you have a possible hit on your hands.

The officially licensed console will be compatible with original Genesis cartridges and will also have 22 games pre-installed. It will also ship with a 3-button game pad. It’ll cost approximately $138.

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