Investors Not Impressed with the Nintendo Switch Reveal


I was impressed by the Switch reveal. Many of my compatriots were impressed. Nintendo investors? Not so much.

According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), investors just shrugged off the announcement, pretending to be unimpressed, sending Nintendo’s stock down 6.5% on Friday. According to some investors, a lack of surprise is to blame, as they felt Nintendo raised their expectations by withholding details about the hardware for more than a year.

Not so fast! Nintendo’s response  to the concerns via company spokesperson, is they “…haven’t shown everything,” and the company would provide additional information about the Switch in due time, before its scheduled launch in March 2017.

IHS, a games research analyst firm also goes onto state that extensive third-party support and an MSRP below $300 would also go a long way to ensuring success for the yet unreleased console.

Come on investors! Pump your breaks. IS THERE NO PLEASING YOU?


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