Oculus Working on Cheaper, More Mainstream Version of the Rift

Virtual Reality is not cheap, especially with the Oculus Rift, where you’ll need,  an $800 PC and a $600 Rift. Facebook owned Oculus is looking to change that.

After a lot of initial fanfare, the Rift has not been flying off shelves. Price is certainly an issue, as well as a lack of a killer app. According to the Wall Street Journal however, Oculus is looking to change that.

Rumor has it that Oculus is working on a stand alone virtual reality device that will not require a an expensive and beefy PC or even a mobile phone.

Analysts predict that that Oculus will ship 180,000 Rifts by the end of year, which is nowhere near the 500,000 that were initially projected by the company.

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