EA Really, Really, Reeeeaaaaly Wants you to Know that Battlefield 1 is Going to have a Story

Look, I know that many people don’t play games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, and a multitude of other shooters these days for the single player campaigns. It appears though that there’s a bit of a push to put some meat back onto the bones that is the ‘single player campaign.’

Titanfall 2 will have a single player campaign, a departure from the online only fare of the original. Activision is still keen on paying actors to phone it for Call of Duty: Infinite Warefareso that’s still a thing.

With that said, EA hopes to follow suit apparently with what appears to be an epic story of their own for Battlefield 1. Let’s hope that they haven’t shown off everything worthwhile in the impressive trailer embedded below.

Digging the Lawrence of Arabia vibe.

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