Netflix Adds Industry Veteran Joseph Staten from Microsoft

Netflix has been making waves in the gaming industry, and its latest move will turn heads. Joseph Staten, a veteran video game writer, and designer, has joined the company as Creative Director for an upcoming AAA game.

Staten, who is best known for his work on the Halo franchise, will be working alongside a talented team of game developers to create what is sure to be an exciting and innovative gaming experience.

Staten’s experience in the video game industry is impressive. He has worked on some of the most successful and beloved franchises of all time, including the aforementioned Halo series, Destiny, and Sleeping Dogs. His work has always been characterized by a deep respect for the medium, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for storytelling.

Now, Staten is bringing all of that experience and passion to Netflix. In his new role as Creative Director for the streaming giant’s upcoming AAA game, Staten will be responsible for overseeing the development of the unannounced title, from its initial concept to its final release. He will work closely with the game’s designers, writers, and programmers to ensure that the final product meets the high standards that Netflix has set for itself.

This is an exciting time for Netflix, as the company continues to expand its reach into the gaming industry. In addition to its upcoming AAA game, the company has also been experimenting with mobile games and interactive programming. These moves are part of a larger effort to provide viewers with a more immersive and engaging entertainment experience, one that blurs the lines between television and video games.

As for the upcoming AAA game, little is known about it at this point. However, with Joseph Staten at the helm, fans of the video game medium can be sure that it will be something special. Staten has a proven track record of delivering high-quality games that are both engaging and memorable. It will be interesting to see what he and his team come up with in this new, exciting chapter of his career.

The news of Joseph Staten joining Netflix as Creative Director for its upcoming AAA game is sure to generate a lot of excitement among gamers and industry insiders alike. With his impressive track record and deep passion for the medium, Staten is sure to deliver a game that is both innovative and engaging. As Netflix continues to expand its reach into the gaming industry, it will be interesting to see how the company’s unique vision and storytelling approach translate into the world of video games.

EE and Xbox Announce 10-Year Partnership to Expand Gaming on Mobile Devices in the UK

EE, one of the UK’s largest mobile network operators, has announced a 10-year partnership with Xbox to bring cloud gaming to mobile devices. The partnership will enable EE customers to access Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes over 100 games, on their mobile devices via the cloud.

The move represents a major shift in the gaming industry, as it marks the first time that Xbox has partnered with a mobile network operator to bring its cloud gaming service to a wider audience. EE, which is owned by BT, is hoping to tap into the growing demand for mobile gaming, as more and more people turn to their smartphones and tablets for entertainment.

The partnership will allow EE customers to play Xbox games on the go, without the need for a console or high-end PC. The service will be available on Android devices initially, with support for iOS devices coming later this year.

The move is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy of focusing on cloud-based services, as the company seeks to expand its reach in the gaming industry. By partnering with EE, Xbox is hoping to reach new audiences and make gaming more accessible to people who may not have access to consoles or gaming PCs.

EE is also hoping to capitalize on the growing trend of mobile gaming, which has seen significant growth in recent years. The partnership is expected to help the mobile network operator to differentiate itself from its competitors, by offering unique and innovative services that appeal to a wide range of customers.

Overall, the partnership between EE and Xbox represents an exciting new development in the gaming industry, as more and more players turn to cloud gaming and mobile devices for their entertainment needs. With the 10-year partnership, both companies are hoping to drive innovation and expand the reach of gaming, making it more accessible to a wider audience than ever before.

Also, these partnerships are in Microsoft’s best interests as it attempts to calm UK CMA as it tries to push the Activision acquisition through.

Sony Claims The UK’s CMA is Being “Irrational” Regarding Microsoft’s Purchase of Activision

On March 22nd, 2022, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) reversed its decision to block Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, citing concerns about the deal’s potential impact on competition in the gaming industry.

In response to the CMA’s decision, Microsoft released a statement welcoming the reversal and expressing its commitment to working with the CMA to address its concerns.

“We are pleased that the CMA has decided to reconsider its previous decision,” Microsoft said in its statement. “We remain committed to working with the CMA to ensure that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard does not harm competition in the gaming industry.”

However, Sony, one of Microsoft’s main competitors in the gaming industry, criticized the CMA’s decision and called it “irrational.”

In a statement released shortly after the CMA’s reversal, Sony expressed its disappointment with the decision and emphasized the need for continued competition in the gaming industry.

“We are disappointed by the CMA’s irrational decision to reverse its approval of the Microsoft Activision acquisition,” Sony said in its statement. “Competition is critical to the success of the gaming industry, and we believe that this decision will harm both competition and consumers.”

It certainly seems like the tide is shifting toward Microsoft’s favor regarding this acquisition, irrespective of Sony’s objections.

Phil Harrison Officially Leaves Google Stadia

Phil Harrison, the former head of Google Stadia, has left Google following the demise of the company’s cloud gaming service.

Harrison joined Google in 2018 and oversaw the development and launch of Stadia, which aimed to bring high-quality video games to players through cloud streaming technology. Unfortunately, Stadia never came close to meeting expectations.

Despite an initial wave of excitement and interest, Stadia struggled to gain traction in the highly competitive gaming market. Google announced in February 2021 that it was closing down its internal game development studios and pivoting Stadia to a platform for hosting games developed by third-party studios.

In the wake of this announcement, Phil Harrison has left Google, reportedly to pursue other opportunities. His departure marks the end of an era (error?) for Stadia, which was once seen as a major player in the future of gaming but ultimately failed to live up to expectations.

Prior to joining Google, Harrison served as president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios until 2008 during the PlayStation 3 era. From there, he served on the boards of Atari and then rejoined Sony as an advisor on the cloud gaming service Gaikai. In 2012, he joined Microsoft, heading up the European Xbox and Interactive Entertainment divisions, departing in 2015 while the company was focused on Xbox One.

In retrospect, he doesn’t have the best track record.

Amazon Continues to Make Cuts to its Gaming Division

Amazon has announced that it was laying off over 500 employees from its video game division. This news sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry, as Amazon had been investing heavily in its gaming division over the past few years. This move is seen as a major setback for Amazon’s gaming ambitions and has raised questions about the future of the company’s gaming efforts.

The layoffs primarily affected Amazon Game Studios, the company’s in-house gaming development studio. According to sources familiar with the matter, the layoffs were a result of several factors, including the failure of several high-profile game releases and the overall underperformance of the company’s gaming division.

One of the major releases that contributed to the layoffs was “Crucible,” a free-to-play shooter game that Amazon launched in 2020. Despite initial hype and anticipation, the game failed to attract a significant player base and was eventually shut down in November of the same year. This failure was a significant blow to Amazon’s gaming ambitions and reportedly contributed to the decision to lay off employees.

Another factor that contributed to the layoffs was the underperformance of Amazon’s other games, including “New World” and “Lost Ark.” While both games received positive reviews from critics, they failed to attract a large player base, leading to financial losses for the company.

The layoffs at Amazon have raised concerns about the future of the company’s gaming division. With the departure of over 500 employees, many of whom were experienced developers and designers, the company’s ability to create high-quality games may be hampered. Additionally, the layoffs have raised questions about the company’s commitment to the gaming industry and its ability to compete with other major players like Microsoft and Sony.

Despite the setbacks, Amazon has stated that it remains committed to the gaming industry and will continue to invest in its gaming division. The company has also stated that it will be focusing on developing games that have a proven track record of success, rather than trying to create new and innovative games that may not resonate with players.

In conclusion, the layoffs at Amazon Game Studios are a significant setback for the company’s gaming ambitions. While the company remains committed to the gaming industry, it will need to make significant changes to its approach if it hopes to compete with other major players. Only time will tell whether Amazon can recover from this setback and establish itself as a major player in the gaming industry.

Activision Blizzard eSports Lawsuit: A Wake-up Call for Wage Suppression

The esports industry has grown exponentially in recent years, with millions of players and spectators around the world. As esports continues to gain mainstream recognition, the issue of wage suppression has become a major concern for many players. In July 2021, the US government filed a lawsuit against gaming giant Activision Blizzard over allegations of wage suppression and discrimination against women. The lawsuit serves as a wake-up call for the entire esports industry, highlighting the need for fair wages and equal treatment for all players.

The lawsuit alleges that Activision Blizzard, one of the largest gaming companies in the world, engaged in a pattern of discrimination against women, paying them less than their male counterparts and denying them opportunities for advancement. The lawsuit also alleges that the company fostered a toxic work environment, with widespread harassment and retaliation against employees who spoke out against discrimination and harassment.

These allegations are not new to the gaming industry. In recent years, there have been numerous reports of discrimination and harassment in gaming companies, particularly against women and minorities. However, the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard marks a significant turning point, as it is one of the first times that the US government has intervened in a wage suppression case in esports.

The lawsuit sends a clear message to gaming companies that they cannot continue to engage in wage suppression and discrimination with impunity. It also highlights the need for players and fans to hold these companies accountable for their actions. The esports industry must come together to ensure that all players are treated fairly and have access to equal opportunities for success.

Players can play their part in this effort by demanding fair wages and advocating for better working conditions. Fans can also play a role by supporting players who speak out against wage suppression and discrimination. By working together, players and fans can create a more equitable and inclusive esports industry.

In conclusion, the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard is a critical moment for the esports industry. It has brought to light the issue of wage suppression and discrimination in gaming companies and highlighted the need for change. It is up to all of us, players and fans alike, to demand fair treatment and equal opportunities for all esports players. the timing of this settlement is also convenient, as Microsoft closes in on the Activision Blizzard acquisition, as this lawsuit was a lose end that needed to be tied off.

The Xbox Recycled Controller: An Eco-Friendly Choice for Gamers

Gaming has become a popular pastime for people of all ages and backgrounds. As the gaming industry continues to grow, so does the amount of waste generated from the production and disposal of gaming accessories, including controllers. Especially if you have anger issues like me and smash controllers to bits like a man-child. To reduce waste and promote sustainability, Microsoft has released the Xbox Recycled Controller, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gaming controllers.

The Xbox Recycled Controller is made from recycled materials, including stuff sourced from ocean-bound plastics and other recycled resins. These materials are processed and molded to create a durable and functional gaming controller nearly identical to the original Xbox wireless controller. The controller features all the same buttons, triggers, and joysticks as the original controller, so gamers won’t have to sacrifice performance for sustainability.

One of the key benefits of the Xbox Recycled Controller is its environmental impact. By using recycled materials, Microsoft is reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. In fact, according to Microsoft, each Xbox Recycled Controller contains the equivalent of approximately 20 plastic water bottles. By choosing the Xbox Recycled Controller, gamers can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable future.

But the benefits of the Xbox Recycled Controller go beyond just environmental impact. The controller is also more affordable than the original Xbox wireless controller, making it a great choice for budget-conscious gamers. In addition, the controller comes with a 90-day limited warranty, so gamers can be confident in their purchase.

Overall, the Xbox Recycled Controller is a great choice for gamers who want to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing performance. By choosing a recycled controller, gamers can promote sustainability and positively impact the environment. With its affordable price and familiar design, the Xbox Recycled Controller is a great option for gamers of all ages and skill levels.

And folks with anger management issues, you can smash these up at every point of adversity and sleep well at night knowing you won’t hurt any fishies.

Rumors are Rumbling that a New or Remastered Metroid Prime is on the Horizon

A prominent Nintendo leaker has divulged to a Reddit moderator that a simple message that indicates Metroid Prime may be in the works.

The message from Fun_Way_6592 was sent to a moderator on the ‘GamingLeaksAndRumors’ subreddit, stating, ‘do you think everyone is primed and ready?’ Past cryptic messages from Fun_Way_6592 have turned out to be true or at least, precursors to announcements.

Could mean that a new Metroid Prime is coming? Perhaps a remaster of the existing games? Who knows.

[Source: Reddit]

Microsoft Hits Back As Things Heat Up in the Activision Blizzard Acquisition

The Holidays are just days away, but before everyone takes a well-deserved break prior to 2023, Microsoft has responded to the FTC regarding the contentious Activision Blizzard purchase.

Microsoft has published its response to the FTC’s lawsuit regarding the Activision Blizzard acquisition. Similar to Microsoft’s response to the UK’s CMA. The gloves are now seemingly off as Microsoft has pointed out that Sony has been adding “exclusion” terms on deals for third-party games on Playstation for years. This includes titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 16, Silent Hill 2 Remake, and From Software’s Bloodborne, which will most likely never see the light of day on an Xbox console.

According to Microsoft:

“In addition to having outright exclusive content, Sony has also entered into arrangements with third-party publishers which require the “exclusion” of Xbox from the set of platforms these publishers can distribute their games on. Some prominent examples of these agreements include Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix), Bloodborne (From Software), the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI (Square Enix) and the recently announced Silent Hill 2 remastered (Bloober team).”


It’s odd that the FTC as well as the CMA have taken the position of protecting Sony, which is the market leader, and have been adding exclusionary terms in contracts with third-party publishers, blocking popular titles from appearing on competing platforms. That seems anti-competitive to me, but not to the FTC and CMA apparently.

All in all, it appears that Microsoft is preparing to build a case and fight this in court if the FTC and CMA attempt to block the deal. According to the terms of the merger, Microsoft would owe Activision Blizzard $2 to $3 billion if the deal is blocked by regulators. So it is pretty safe to assume that Microsoft is not just going to give up.

Surprise – 75% of Respondents to UK Regulator Survey Approve Microsoft’s Activision Purchase

Microsoft continues to push forward with its planned acquisition of Activision, despite challenges from regulatory agencies. Today it received some good news from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority requested feedback from the public on Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. The regulatory group reviewed responses from over 2,100 and 75% were in favor of the acquisition.

Below are some of the views expressed by the respondents:

  • Sony and Nintendo are stronger than Microsoft in console gaming, and the Merger will help Microsoft to compete more closely against them.
  • The Merger will not harm rival consoles because Microsoft has made public and private commitments to keep Activision content, including Call of Duty, non-exclusive. The availability of Minecraft on rival consoles shows that Microsoft’s commercial strategy is not to make games exclusive; 1 The CMA received approximately 2,600 emails, but some of these were excluded from our review because they contained abusive content (with no other substantive content), or were blank, unintelligible, stated to be from non-UK consumers, or not in English.
  • It is unlikely that Microsoft would make Call of Duty exclusive due to its multiplayer nature. Making Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox would only create a gap in the market that could be filled by a rival cross-platform shooter game.
  • Call of Duty has competition from a number of other games including Battlefield (Electronic Arts), Grand Theft Auto (Take Two), and FIFA (Electronic Arts).
  • The Merger will push Sony to innovate, such as by improving its subscription service or creating more games to compete with Call of Duty.
  • The Merger is a reaction to Sony’s business model for PlayStation, which has historically involved securing exclusive content or early access to popular cross-platform gaming franchises, such as Final Fantasy and Silent Hill.
  • Microsoft’s plans to add Call of Duty to Game Pass are pro-competitive and will lower the price of accessing games for consumers.
  • Microsoft would not make Activision’s content exclusive to Xbox post-merger because it would lose significant potential revenue from rival platforms.
  • Consumers could revert to buying games on a buy-to-play basis if Microsoft were to raise the price of Game Pass post-Merger.
  • The Merger will lead to more funding and higher-quality games in the industry.
  • The Merger will allow Microsoft to provide Activision with better guidance and leadership, and encourage it to invest more in games other than Call of Duty.
  • The Merger is pro-competitive in the mobile segment because it will create new options for mobile gamers and allow Microsoft to compete against Google and Apple, which are the two dominant mobile platforms.
  • The Merger will not create competition concerns in cloud gaming services because there are other potential competitors, such as Netflix.
  • Some industry participants have said they are not opposed to the Merger.

This is certainly an interesting development and may pave the way for approval of the acquisition in the UK.